549 Lei Papa Place



549 Lei Papa Place, Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii

549 Lei Papa Place
Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii

549 Lei Papa Place is the address of Sandra Galas' residence in Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii where she was murdered in her garage.

The residence is located on a small cul-de-sac in the first phase of the Eleele Nani subdivision. The two car garage is situated on the front of the residence, close to the street and in open view to other residences in the neighborhood.

The home was built by her father for her grandparents when the area was first opened up to residential development by the McBryde Sugar Company in 1982. In 1984, her grandfather died of a heart attack about ten feet from where Sandra was killed.

Sandra and her husband Darren Galas purchased the home in 2000. She was separated from her husband Darren and living in the home with her two children during their divorce proceedings at the time of her murder in January 2006.

Her home remains empty to this day.

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